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Wire Guide; Power Feed Contact; Water Nozzle
  • Water Nozzle

    We come in water nozzles we have a wide variety of standard sizes for Mitsubishi, Sodick, Fanuc, According to customer requirements, we carry a wide variety of standard water nozzles for Mitsubishi, Sodick, Fanuc, AgieCharmilles, Seibu and other brands to choose from. And we also provide other customized size services.

    In the process of high-precision machining, customers can select our filter that to purify water to avoid clogging the nozzle holes are, effectively extending the life of the nozzle.

  • Power Feed Contact

    The functions of power feed contact supply electricity for wire, using the highest quality Tungsten steel materials. Good Power Feed Contact not only raises the precision of the processed parts, but also improves the machine tool efficiency. Sunrise offer the high quality of Power Feed Contact with high hardness, wear resistance, large density, smooth surface.

  • The accuracy of EDM wire guides determines the precision of WEDM which is used for metal forming processes in various industries. To ensure effective usage and reliability our wire guides are engineered under the strict quality controlling, we carefully selected diamonds with good high abrasion-resistant. And after grinding and polishing to make hole diameter accuracy and the nice smooth surface of hole.

    The smooth surface can quickly pass the copper wire out, and can reduce the internal friction and improve the useful life.