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BFUTURE METAL GROUP Ningbo Headquarters Opens
Update time: 2018-08-08  Hits:472  [ Back ]

In August 2018, BFUTURE METAL GROUP Ningbo Headquarters - Ningbo Zhengjinhe Precision Trading Co., Ltd. Started operation

 and will officially open on October 10th during which new and old customers are welcome to visit. 

As a world-renowned technology-based company specializing in speed lines, hair lines and high-end consumables,

with more than 30 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of high-end consumable parts, BFUTURE METAL GROUP operates worldwide.

The operation and opening of the Chinese company indicates that the Group will vigorously enter China, the world's largest single market,

 and become a leader in the precision processing industry through strategic cooperation with Chinese customers in a variety of products and services.